Homemade Iced Coffee: Do It Yourself and Save!

Upon owning a home, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received was a 40 cup coffee maker.

Yes, I love coffee, but really my mom’s intention in giving the gift was to make my life easier for when I had lots of company. Ironically the company I typically host is under the age of 5 who have no interest in the caffeinated crack-o-la.

But being the {sometimes} resourceful girl I am, I found another way to use the gift: homemade iced coffee. 

After previously spending $2.50—$5 a day on iced coffee for both me and my husband, our iced coffee now costs us $2.99 a week thanks to our 40 cup coffee maker!

One package of coffee ($8.99) now lasts me three weeks. I use 1.5 cups of coffee  a week to make our weekly iced goodness — {I prefer plain coffee with a few dashes of cinnamon spice}. I first make a 30 cup hot pot of coffee and then let in cool. After the coffee has cooled, I pour it into a tupperware container and refridgerate it for the week!

Here’s the breakdown of the cost:
Cost of package of coffee: $8.99
Cost of 1.5 cups of coffee: $2.99
{Makes about 14-16 cups of iced coffee}
Cost per daily cup of coffee: approx. $0.20

For iced coffee to go: I love these ECO CUPS that look like the real drive-thru deal!

Cheers to my fellow coffee drinkers!

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