{GUEST POST} The WellnessMom Challenge

Today we welcome Esther Littlefield from The WellnessMom Challenge and WellnessMom blog. She has some important things to share with us about taking care of ourselves! 

Moms are busy. Moms are always running around, taking care of their kids (and spouses), and we often forget to take care of ourselves. We pour so much into others that we sometimes are left feeling empty. That’s why I decided to create The WellnessMom Challenge. I wanted to create a “virtual” place where we could encourage each other to take care of ourselves. If we stay healthy, we will be much more able to care for our families and do our jobs. The idea behind The WellnessMom Challenge is to focus on one area of wellness each month, and encourage moms to do just one thing to improve their wellness. Sometimes we focus on way too many goals at once, so I thought by keeping it simple, it might help us to actually accomplish a goal. The challenges will not just include physical wellness, but also many other areas of wellness such as financial and emotional.

The first area I decided to start with is sleep. For the month of September, the challenge is to try and get enough sleep so that you feel rested! For many of us, that means going to bed 1/2 hour to an hour earlier than we are used to. Most of us moms end up staying up late (at least I do). I think that’s because it’s our only time of quiet during the day! It’s our chance to unwind, watch TV, or spend time with our spouse. However, if we stay up too late, we often are exhausted in the morning, and the cycle starts all over again! So I am trying to post daily reminders or information about the importance of sleep — simply so that each of us will become more aware of it, and hopefully do something to change.

My hope with the challenge is that moms will be reminded that it’s okay to focus on caring for ourselves. By doing that, we can juggle everything else much more easily. The WellnessMom Challenge is not a place for beating yourself — it’s a place to connect, discuss, and encourage each other as we each seek to improve our overall wellness. I invite anyone who wants to join us to do so. This is not limited to moms, but it is geared toward them. However, anyone is welcome! Just head over to the page and click “Like” for the daily updates. I also welcome suggestions on areas of wellness that you personally would like to focus on!

Here’s to reaching our wellness goals!

See more of what Esther has to say over at her WellnessMom blog! And don’t forget to LIKE The WellnessMom Challenge on Facebook for updates on ways to maintain rest and health!


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