{31 Days of Going Green} Day 13: Fall Detox {BODY}

The FALL DETOX continues! Today Kate focuses on getting back into your body. For the rest of detox series see: IntroFoodCloset & Inbox




During fall we are usually grateful to re-establish a routine and sense of structure to our week.  Make sure to carve out time each day or during the week to be 

more in your body and less in your head.  For me  that is getting back into a regular yoga practice.  For you it might be a dance class or running.  Move. Sweat. Have fun.  Find ways to balance all of that serious thinking, analyzing and deciding we do all day. 

Kate Nicholson is a mom to a 3-year old fairy princess, massage therapist, yoga teacher and holistic nutrition counselor. When she’s not sneaking kale into her daughter’s smoothies or jogging with crazy black lab she is usually found coaching other young moms into getting their body, their life and their mojo back!  Available for coaching & consultation by phone and Skype.  www.KateNicholsonWellness.com

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