{31 Days of Going Green} Day 10: Fall Detox {FOOD}

A big welcome to our friend and wellness mentor: Kate Nicholson. She’s here this week sharing a simple FALL DETOX plan. Hope you’ll follow along! Click HERE for Day 1.

FOOD {or lack of} is what usually comes to mind when mentioning the term “detox.”  
If you’ve been to a farmers’ market lately then you cannot help but be in awe of the beautiful abundance this time of year! As a nature-lovin’ nutritionist, a fall farmers’ market is almost more exciting than Christmas morning to me {I know, I’m a dork}.  
Even though my body is craving balance and simplicity there is nothing in me that wants to miss out on all this amazing food in order to juice for five days straight!  My idea of a fall detox is more about nourishing than eliminating.  
However, if your idea of fall involves downing daily pumpkin lattes then I certainly recommend a little restraint.  In general, just take a break from processed, high-sugar foods and drinks and stay as whole, or close to the source, as possible when choosing food.  
To curb that sweet tooth and aid your body’s detoxification try focusing on these foods this week and see how you feel.

Apples are everywhere right now so trust that nature intended for you to eat a lot of them this time of year! They naturally cool late summer’s excessive heat in the body which can cause dry skin, rashes, allergies, constipation, gas and bloating (not fun!)
Watermelon is another cooling food that also hydrates like crazy. Its diuretic properties help to eliminate excess toxins that accumulated over summer.
Pomegranates are fun little fruits that balance both blood and lymph and are full of anti-oxidants.  All of these features will help keep your immune system strong and the sniffles at bay. 
Sweet potatoes, turnips and carrots all grow down into the ground and therefore when consumed they tend to stir the same grounding energy into our bodies. Get your mind focused and your body grounded with naturally sweet fall veggies.
Check back in tomorrow for Day 3 of Kate’s FALL DETOX.

Kate Nicholson is a mom to a 3-year old fairy princess, massage therapist, yoga teacher and holistic nutrition counselor. When she’s not sneaking kale into her daughter’s smoothies or jogging with crazy black lab she is usually found coaching other young moms into getting their body, their life and their mojo back!  Kate is available for coaching and consultation by phone or Skype.  www.KateNicholsonWellness.com  

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